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  • Raw Cacao Bark

    Packed full of antioxidants, this truly blissful chocolate bark is so simple and satisfying. Recipe courtesy of I AM CO. Ingredients 1/2 C Raw Cac...
  • Tropical Fruit Crepes

    These Dairy and Egg Free Tropical Fruit Crepes are a delicious and fresh snack.

  • Annies, Pecan & Choc Chip Cookies

    A chewy style cookie that is egg and dairy free.

  • Annies Winter Muesli

    Ingredients 2.5 cups of rolled oats1 cup of wheat germ1 cup of bran flakes1 cup shredded coconut Method Heat oven to 150 c Place all dry ingredie...
  • Annies Fruit Bite Pops

    For the kids - Annies Fruit Bite Pops Ingredients  Annies 100% Fruit BitesYour favourite berriesFruit juice or coconut waterIce block moulds  Meth...
  • Annies Unbaked Crumble Bars

    This delicious slice is made entirely from whole foods and can be adjusted to make the recipe paleo! Recipe courtesy of Little Bare Ingredients B...